The Moonlit Beauty

There was something about it. The way the moon shined, all alone in the dark night sky. Surrounded with a thousand stars but still all alone. Every time she looked up, it was always there, shining bright with beauty. The twinkle in her eye was just as beautiful as the twinkle of the stars.

She was dressed in a beautiful shade of blue, light pink luscious lips, wind in her hair, if there ever was a time, that art embodied beauty, it was this, this moment. The moist,dewy breeze tries to touch her and it does so, softly and gently. She smiles at the familiar touch, stops and takes a deep breath, the pleasant smell of jasmines and lilies, the soft breeze and the silence, these are the things that made her fall in love with long dark nights. The hustle and bustle, the car horns and the constant running of people, all the horrors had vanished. These were times when she did not mind being alone. The silence was not deafening, it was soothing like the moonlight. She walked alone but without fear in her heart. There was only peace and calm. Her wild and untamed thoughts slowed down by the wonder of the night’s beauty. The moonlit sky and the stars helped her forget her pain, fears, and sorrow. They whispered sweet nothings in her ears. They loved her and she loved them. The universe was a big black canvas with the moon and the stars painting the night sky and declaring their love for her. She looked up and she did not feel alone, anymore. Up in the sky, were a billion stars dancing with joy while the moon gleamed with pride to see her believe, believe in magic, believe in herself, believe that she could survive, not just survive, maybe even live to see joy, happiness, laughter, love, and independence.

She could never tell what it was, the scars of a destructive past, the silent presence of the moon every time she looked up, its overwhelming beauty or maybe the thought of somehow going to the moon, forever, whatever it was, it saved her.

She looked up, the tears stopped and she smiled slowly, knowing she’s not alone, for the moon and the stars are always there.